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sex with my friend’s dad


Cheerleader girl has sex with her best friend’s father

This is an erotic story worthy of being told by itself but as we can not tell the story of a beautiful high school girl.

Esrta girl is porrita in a high school in the United States of North America which is porrita her and one of her best friends.

She always visits her friend in her house where her father is always a tall, strong and very handsome man.

What her friend did not know is that she was in love with her father because she liked the idea of ​​being touched by a person to her.

One day this girl decides to visit her friend only to see her father, but when it arrives this one says that she is not and that it will take a very good time to arrive but the father to an if she invites her to go since she could not leave the chance to seduce a girl with a body to itself.

Unintentionally they both wanted the same thing if the situation was very fast. and in a few minutes they were talking about intimate things and little by little things got hotter until the girl asked him to get her virginity, which the father says yes and little by little this begins to undress and power to appreciate that beautiful clear cuepor.

Her friend’s father quickly discourages her and puts her on a m, that and not pirede time to penetrate and remove her virginida and without losing the rhythm penetrates and penetrates for a long time.

The girl simply can not hide all the pleasure she is receiving from that man and shouts, she moans with immense pleasure that she is receiving.

What was a visit to her friend ended up being an afternoon of wild sex.

Date: August 26, 2017